73 Questions (Get to know me)

As you’ll have guessed already, my name is Louise. I’m in my mid twenties and work in B2B Marketing. I could tell you my life story, but as we’ve only just met – that could be a little intense.

Instead, here’s a Q&A that will provide you with as much information on me as you need to know right now. Of course how much you find out depends on how much of this post you actually read, but that bit’s up to you!

  1. What is your full name? My full legal name is: Louise Rebecca Dawson.
  2. How old are you? Right now I am, 26 years 9 months 21 days, 21 hours and 43 minutes old!
  3. When do you get your Birthday? I get my birthday in September.
  4. What were you doing before writing this blog? Before writing this blog I was texting my boyfriend who is away this weekend.
  5. What are you doing a lot these days? These days I am finding new ways to relax. It’s good to focus on your well-being.
  6. What’s your current obsession? Autumn: Orange leaves; knitted scarfs; Gilmore girls etc. I can’t get Autumn out of my head.
  7. Can you make any prediction? About anything exactly one year from now. I think one year from now I will probably be trying to arrange a holiday or a short weekend away somewhere.
  8. Apart from blogging, what do you do on your days off? I tend to see family quite often as we’re all very close. I also love crocheting and watching Netflix. Don’t judge me, I have no money to constantly socialise.
  9. Where’s your favourite place to visit in the World? My ‘GoTo’ place is a quiet beach in North West Wales. It’s always breezy, and apart from the wind you can only hear the choppy sea. It’s bliss, and the perfect place to go to catch-up with your thoughts.
  10. What specific thing do you love the most about North Wales? The fact that I grew up there.
  11. What’s the most enjoyable activity to do when you at home in North Wales? For me this would definitely just be spending time with my family.
  12. What’s something you own that you truly cherish? My Clogau Gold ring that I got as a present from my parents on my 21st.
  13. What’s the one thing you can never live without? Love.
  14. Out of all the hobbies in the world what one will you never give up? At this point in time, I can’t ever see myself giving up crocheting.
  15. Name one hobby you would like to pick up. Reading.
  16. What would you like to say to your new readers? If you’ve found yourself reading this post, it’s probably because you’ve somehow stumbled upon my blog. I’d love to find out your first impressions, so don’t be shy – leave a comment!
  17. Who is your favourite celebrity? Britney Spears. What can I say apart from that I’m loyal?
  18. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Caring. Compassionate. Ambitious.
  19. What is your pet peeve? People who are rude for no reason.
  20. What scares you? Big hairy spiders. (But on a serious note, something bad happening to someone I love).
  21. What makes you angry? Seeing people being treated badly by others. Everyone is just a human being, trying their best to get through life.
  22. Who is the most fashionable woman you know? I would have to say my mother. For real.
  23. What fashion trend has never let you down? Norm-core. (Sweaters; leggings; converse and top-knots).
  24. What fashion trend do you regret trying? I had a leather skirt once, and I didn’t really pull it off. I think it was also probably a size too small. Not a good look.
  25. What fashion trend do you hope never makes a comeback? Juicy tracksuits???!!! RIP.
  26. What is your favourite exercise? When I do go to the gym, it would be the cross trainer.
  27. What is the best song to run to? I would say something like…Britney Spears – Work Bitch.
  28. What is your spirit animal? An online quiz once said this was a ‘panther’. This was largely based on the fact that I mostly wear black.
  29. What language would you like to learn? Norwegian.
  30. What’s your favourite candy? Do marshmallows count?
  31. What is your favourite thing to eat? Pancakes. With banana and chocolate sauce.
  32. What is your least favourite thing to eat? Anything that contains carrots. Ew.
  33. What dessert can’t you live without? Actually not too fussed on dessert.
  34. What is one of your first memories? I remember getting lost. I think I was about three and I got lost at a funfair for a few hours. When I spoke with my mum about this she said that it happened, and that it was horrific – but an unlikely group of teenagers found me and brought me back to my parents.
  35. Who do you look up to? My parents. Always.
  36. What is the best piece of advice you have been given from your mother? To be true to myself.
  37. What is a good rule that you have learnt from your parents? To work hard for what you want, and to chase after your dreams. Also that no one gives you anything in life for free – you have to take what you want with both hands.
  38. What advice would you give your fifteen year old self? Try not to worry too much about certain kids at school. You make it out alive, and do better than them anyway in the long run.
  39. What do you know now that you didn’t know then? That I’m awesome.
  40. Where do you see yourself in ten years? I will be 37 in ten years – so I would like to see myself having reached a certain point in my career, with at least a few kids, and married to my current boyfriend.
  41. What is the most recent TV show you have binge watched? I recently binge watched Game of Thrones and am currently working my way through Pretty little liars and The OC.
  42. Which fictional character would you like to spend a day with? Maybe John Snow.
  43. Which fictional place would you love to live in for a day? Not really fictional but Forks from the movie Twilight. It just looks like my perfect climate! 😍
  44. Which movie made you cry most recently? I can’t really remember – I don’t tend to watch a lot of emotional films.
  45. Which movie could you watch over and over? Twilight. Literally, just the first one.
  46. What was your favourite movie as a kid? I liked Hook; Thumbelina; Swan Princess; and The Water Babies. (all at different stages).
  47. Do you have any hidden talents? I can sing quite well.
  48. Can you say anything in a foreign language? Rwy’n gallu siarad Cymraeg. (I can speak Welsh).
  49. What’s your go to dance move? I sort of dance like a mum at a wedding these days. Gone are my days of being sexy.
  50. What will surprise people the most about you? I’m come across as being really nice, which I am glad about – but some people take this as a weakness. I think it would surprise people that I have strong opinions and am actually good at talking business and having straight conversations about the things that matter to me.
  51. What’s the best gift you have received? I received a really nice letter once when I was going through a rough patch. I was far away from family and felt really alone. This letter helped me deal with my demons.
  52. What’s your favourite thing about your mum? My mum never fails to see the best in people. Even at times where others would only see the bad.
  53. What’s the coolest thing about your family? I have six siblings and my family are all crazy supportive with one another. Here’s a little throwback: 
  54. What’s the silliest nickname you’ve been given? Probably Lou-Becc or Loopy-Lou.
  55. When do you feel the most beautiful? I feel the most beautiful when I’m not bloated (only joking) – I’d say after a good blow dry.
  56. When do you feel the most creative? When I’m brainstorming about crafting or drawing or crocheting or knitting with my mum.
  57. What’s your favourite song to blast in the car? At the moment, anything by Drake.
  58. What song would you record if you had the chance? Probably There you’ll be by Faith Hill.
  59. If your life was a song what would it be called? ‘More than a woman’.
  60. What was your first concert? I went to a small concert at home when I was about sixteen and I remember thinking it was all really cool.
  61. What song did you last listen to? True colours by Kesha.
  62. What artist would people be surprised you listen to? Evanescence? Muse? The Strokes?
  63. What musician would you love to work with? Britney Spears.
  64. What’s the best jingle created? Holidays are coming – Coca Cola!
  65. What is your favourite word? Waffle.
  66. What’s your tag? Er- what is a tag?
  67. Draw a picture.  (It’s me sleeping) 
  68. What career would you do if you had to swap? I’d love to actually own my own yarn shop! That’s the dream.
  69. What’s left on your bucket list? Hmm…everything! I’ll do another post about this soon.
  70. Tell us something no one else knows? I struggle with self acceptance and often get really anxious about the way I look.
  71. Tell us a lie. I once dated Justin Timberlake.
  72. What’s the worst joke you’ve ever heard? What do you call a holy vegetable? Lettuce pray.
  73. Tell us one reason you started a blog? Three words: writing as therapy.

There you have it! Everything you need to know at this stage.

If you’ve done a 73 questions post please fee free to link to it inside a comment!

Thanks for stopping by xoxo


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